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PAR4 1-0-2 Kelp Meal (Ascophyllum nodosum) is sustainably harvested seaweed collected from North Atlantic waters. It is an organic plant food that provides natural nitrogen and potassium. The product feeds beneficial soil microbes and contributes to organic matter content in soils and soil mixes. What results is improved soil structure and reduced plant stress and improved resistance to pests and diseases. PAR4 1-0-2 Kelp Meal is easy to apply by incorporating into the soil, soil blends, by top dressing, or as an ingredient in compost or compost tea.

  • Environmentally friendly fertilizer, utilitzing a sustainable resource
  • Contains 1% Nitrogen and 2% Potash to assist healthy plant growth
  • Adds trace minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, stimulating plant growth and vigor
  • Promotes soil microbial activity which feed the soil and your plants
  • Applications: soil blends, compost, top dressing

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