Starter Series Spray Basic Kit
Starter Series Spray Basic Kit
Starter Series Spray Basic Kit

Starter Series Spray Basic Kit

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The Starter Series Spray Basic Kit combines a high quality 100psi 12v DC Shurflo pump with a regulated return kit so that your spray solution will stay evenly mixed during spraying applications. We have included our favorite trigger gun and sprayer tip combination that will result in a proper droplet size and the atomization required to have effective control against pests. The combination of recirculation and proper droplet atomization is simply not available in any agricultural sprayer under $3000, so with this kit we wanted to provide the smaller farmer with a professional sprayer experience that is actually effective against bugs and has appropriate application rates for nutritional sprays. With this trigger gun and tip configuration, expect to use between 0.5 and 2 gallons per 1000ft of cultivation space. 

The regulated return feature allows you to adjust the output psi desired for your application. If you are wanting to spray compost tea you can dial the psi down to 60 or below to protect organisms. If you are really aiming to knock the pests off or increase flow, you can dial the system up to a full 100psi and get max force. As you adjust the output psi, the return flow rates also change which allows you to dial in the amount of output and recirculation desired. 

This kit comes with a trigger spray gun and 6ft of hose with quick disconnects. The longer length of spray hose will need to be added to your cart as a separate item. Just let us know how long you want it to be and we will custom make your hose length and ship it with your sprayer kit. 

In an effort to be cost effective and to keep shipping rates low, we DO NOT include the flat nursery cart as we have found that most farms already own a flat nursery cart. You will also need to provide your own deep cycle battery with 700 or more cold cranking amps, which will provide 8-12hrs of sprayer operation between charges.


This kit includes:

- 100psi Shurflo pump

- Brass trigger spray gun and tip with 6ft of hose

- Regulated recirculation manifold with gauge

- Filter housing with screen

- Stainless steel fittings with custom smooth crimped ends on all connections

- No drip quick disconnects for easy cleaning and maintenance

- On off switch

- Battery Charger

- 3 gallon Food Grade bucket reservoir

This kit does not include:

- Flat nursery cart

- Deep Cycle 700 cold cranking amp battery